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Many video lessons, demonstrations, and content from my personal collection are posted up on my YouTube Channel and The DrumChops Drum School & Shop page on FaceBook. In fact, there is so much content, that I've been asked to put together a guide, so here it is!

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DrumChops Drum School Video Intro

"Innovations In Teaching @ The DrumChops Drum School"

Free On-Line Lessons

Lesson 1 - Getting Started - Adjusting your seat height, setting up your kit, getting the right size set for anyone from child to adult.

Lesson 2 Part 1 - Holding the sticks and the basics of Stick/Stroke Control

Lesson 2 Part 2 - This video lesson continues the basics of Stick/Stroke Control and provides a demonstration

Lesson 3 Part 1 - This video lesson covers the basics of removing a drum head and tuning

Lesson 3 Part 2 - Continue your study of drum tuning and get in-depth to the "Anatomy of a Snare Drum"

Lesson 4 - The 8th Note Groove - Follow me as I guide you through building the most used groove in popular music Step-By-Step

Lesson 5 - Rock 8th Note Fills - Now that we've established a killer groove it's time to add some fills.. An easy to follow guide

Lesson 6 - Rock Fills with 8th and 16th Note Combinations - Expand your ability to play interesting fills off the classic 8th note groove

Lesson 7 - Get a Great Buzz Roll - Covers Technique to improve your Buzz Roll with either Match or Traditional Grips

Lesson 8 - Stick Control Explained - Using "Drum Wheels" by Nick Forte I review the book and techniques involved in performing the Exercises.

Lesson 9 - Drum Set Ergonomics - Here I explain the reasoning behind how I setup my kit. I've found this to be the best configuration for me.

Lesson 10 - Better Dynamics Through Counting (Vocal Inflection)

On-Line Demonstrations

Brush Technique - The ART of using brushes is still alive and kickin', here I use the framework of a Pop Hit to inspire the melodic and rhythmic feel

Rudimental Drumming Demo - The Historic "Connecticut Halftime" played on a Drum Set with Double-Bass Hits

Shuffle Groove Demo - Playing with a Click & Bass Track I deomonstrate developing a groove, arrangement, and fills to match

Getting Around The Kit Demo - Using a unique camera angle I demonstrate the arm movements used to get your hands/wrists in proper position

Conga Drumming Demo - This demonstration on Conga Drumming shows new techniques & Groove Playing across multiple drums.

Drum Covers

Rock Cover - “Jump” by Van Halen.. Includes In-Groove Double-Bass Fills and multiple Camera Angles

Classic Rock - Here I cover the Classic Rock tune "China Grove" by the Doobie Brothers.. Multiple Camera Angles

Classic Pop Cover - I take on the iconic 1980's Pop Hit "Jenny 8675309" by Tommy Tutone.. Lot's of fills and a great groove to work with on this one!

Classic Latin/Pop Cover - "Smooth Operator" by Sade is Latin influenced tune & Pop Hit... Left Hand Technique across LP Bongos isDemonstrated


Big Band Jazz Cover - I do my best to keep up with the Great Buddy Rich on "Basically Blues" from his Live LP "Swingin' New Big Band"

Classic Shuffle/Groove - Tribute to the Great Jeff Porcaro! "Rosanna" was an instant classic and after all these years it still represents quite a challenge

Drum Solos

Two Sets .. Two Solos.. One Drummer.. Vintage Slingerland 4pc & Custom Noble & Cooley Studio Classics.. Different configurations and tones provide different forms of inspiration.  One take of each solo only!

Here is a more recent solo inspired by Steve Gadd.

First Video Taped Solo - This tape survived a flood and I'm glad to present it. From 1989, this is the first recording I made with the first camera I bought.

The "Louie vs Louie" Drum Battle - Louie Bellson is one of the best ever and to be on stage with him is something I'll never forget and am proud to share!

A short solo I recorded years ago for a DVD called "Basic Drums"-The DVD is still in the works but the individual videos have been posted online

Longer solo recorded several years ago using my Noble & Cooley Recording Custom Set.. these predate any special recording equipment

"Solo for Dad" - A long solo recorded as part of a video I presented to my Dad for Father's Day in 1993. Notice the tux shirt & tie and Slingerland Drums!

"Recording on a Budget" - My first recorded solo with Audio & Video Tracks Sync'd for Better Quality.. These first few are a bit rough but they get better!

"Next Steps" - This solo experiments with different camera angles, microphones, and editing techniques.

"Rant" - This is a long solo with no video.. just pictures from My Families Drum History as I "blow off some steam"

Short Solo utilizing concept building from popular songs.

Special Video's From My Personal "Drum History Collection"

Interview with Channel 8 News - Just after I started DrumChops.com as a tribute to my Father, Channel 8 News came to my house for an interview that aired Father's Day. Here is the Video of the broadcast.

Here is a solo by my Uncle Nick Forte I recorded on the New Haven Green years ago. Nick is the author of many Drum Books including "Drumming Step-by-Step, Drum Wheels, Extreme Stick/Stroke Control, etc.

Jim Stavris Solo - Here is my Brother Jim ripping it up in solo tribute to our Dad on Father's Day 2011 - Performed on my Dad's last Slingerland Kit

Hearing Loss Prevention for Drummers - My most important Posted Video! No playing but lots of content to help fellow drummers protect their hearing.

Louie Bellson Solo "Live" at DisneyLand 1989 -- I personally shot this video, and the story is as good as his playing.