My name is Lou Stavris, and I have been playing drums for over 40 years!  I  opened my first studio in Surprise, Az in 2007 and since then have taught countless students of all ages and levels the “ART” of Drumming.  I teach Drum Set as well as Hand Percussion, and incorporate many innovative teaching techniques for both local students who come to my custom Drum Studio in Surprise, Az and those in remote locations via Skype.

This page is dedicated to all my students, past and present who I have been blessed to teach.  I will be adding various recommendations, kind email posts, etc. that I have received regarding my playing and teaching.  There is no greater joy in my life than playing drums, and to pass along the knowledge I have learned is a gift I cherish.  I thank each of you who have taken the time to send these kind words to me, and hope they inspire more people to give me the opportunity to instruct them as well!

Jason P. - May 2012

This is a reference for Lou Stavris. My name is Jason P. and I've studied with Lou for about two years. My fiance surprised me with drum lessons as a birthday gift. When I met Lou for my first lesson, I was pleasantly surprised as to how comfortable he made me feel and how knowledgeable he was. I never played drums prior to meeting Lou so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. After my first two lessons I decided to make a commitment to drum lessons and having Lou as my teacher was an easy decision. Over the course of the past two years I went from not knowing how to play drums to playing drums, reading music and understanding proper hand technique just to name a few of the things I’ve learned. I continue to work with Lou and utilize what i have learned to improve my drumming. I highly recommend Lou to any student. It doesn't matter if you're a pro drummer or a beginner. You will definitely learn something from Lou.

Isaiah V. - December 2014

I've been taking lessons with Lou for around 4 years and he is great. It got me out of sticking to one style of music and becoming more open to jazz, Latin, and other styles which have made me become a better player in jazz band at school. I would defiantly check out taking lessons at drumchops, you may start out simple but will move on to more advanced stuff at your own pace.

Myles S. - December 2014

I have known Lou Stavris for many years and shared the stage with him in multiple bands when he resided in Connecticut.  I can say without hesitation that he is a gentleman, a fine musician, and DrumChops is first class!

TJ - Nobember 2014

Our middle school son has been attending private 1 hour drum lessons with Lou for a year now.  Because of Lou, he was the youngest drummer to make the Jazz band cut.  Lou is a solid teacher.  Always on time, and flexible to make-up missed lessons instead of going without, which my son loves.  Lou’s studio is also setup with two drum set, so if the students lesson goes well he takes the time to work with them to try out skills on the full acoustic sets together.  

We were referred to Lou by the Band Director at West Point because one of his students improved so much in just six months, that he asked who his instructor was.  Lou’s prices and policies are fair and, most importantly, our son doesn’t want to go elsewhere after a year! ‘Nuff said!

Matt D. - November 2014

I have been playing drums since 1982.  Back in 1997, right before I moved to Phoenix I stopped playing for 16 years.  When I got back to it, I tried to improve my technique and skills myself and saw some improvement, but I noticed that advanced techniques and pieces of music were taking a a lot out of me and my hands and feet were having trouble adjusting. What’s worse, is I began getting stiffness in my right forearm.  I knew then that I could only get so far on my own and needed professional guidance to achieve my goal of getting back to playing live again.  I got with Lou a few months ago and he has not only corrected my technique, but my speed is coming about much faster, I have no more forearm stiffness, I’m learning at a much faster rate, I’m learning different styles of music, music and grooves the were hard for me to pick up are now much easier to learn, and my confidence in my playing is at an all time HIGH!

If you’re going to use a professional drum instructor, I highly recommend Lou Stavris.  He comes from a long line of drummers and has been playing professionally since his early teens.  Learn from somebody that knows what it takes to play professionally!

Scott c. - November 2014

Parent Review:

Lou has been teaching my 7 year old daughter for a few months now, and I have been extremely happy with her progress.  She is always excited to go and Lou is very patient with her.  He teaches the basics first which I thought was really important.

Student Review:

His is very nice.  His family drum history is really cool, and he is a great teacher!

David S. - September 2014

Lou was my patient teacher for some time.  I can’t imagine anyone else in the West Valley who has the talent, resume, and genes Lou does.  He comes from a family of Masters… you could NOT go wrong!

James H. - Band & Orchestra Director at Dysart West Point - November 2013

This email is to let you know that I am thrilled that my student Diego P. Is taking lessons from you!  After last week’s first lesson, he came to band happy to show me some of the things you worked on with him and seriously, he was already keeping better time!  I’m hopeful that my other percussionists will note his improvement and his enthusiasm for your studio and investigate lessons as well!

Thanks for being there!

Matt D. - August 2014


This email is to let you know that I am so happy that I found you.  After just a few lessons, I already feel comfortable with you and your instruction.  I look forward to what the future holds for us.

Rick K. - December 2013

Hi Lou,

I viewed your “Fun with Brushes” video on YouTube, and love the sound.  I would like to start lessons with brushes and hand drumming playing more  popular classic rock style music.  How much are your Skype lessons?



Tony V. - August 2007

Lou is a very detailed oriented person.  He is very organized and can manage his business very well.  I have purchased many drum products from Lou and his  prices are always fair.  I would highly recommend Lou for anything you need that is drum related.

David A. - September 2013


I’m a local piano teacher, and I just had the pleasure of checking out your website.  It is clear you are a very accomplished and dedicated musician, and you have put together some really good performance videos.  I hope we can get together soon!

Adam at - July 2012

Hey Lou,

I just checked out your website, and it is very nice.  It’s so cool that you got to jam with Louie Bellson!

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